The notice period for your accommodation is three months from the first day of the coming month.


For example, if your apartment was rented on April 7, May, June and July are counted as the notice period. If you want to leave your apartment in late July/August, April 30th is the last termination notice day. If the last day of the month is a holiday, the next working day will apply instead.

Requests for earlier termination date

Currently you can submit requests for an earlier termination date other than the normal three months. You can specify the desired move out date on the termination form.

Written notice

Notice must be in writing using the form located at the bottom of the page. You can submit the form to us in several ways:

  • Post it to Box 1505, SE-651 21 Karlstad, Sweden.
  • Leave it at the our office, located at Packhusallén 19 in Karlstad
  • Scan the signed form and send it by e-mail to KBAB.Bobutiken@karlstad.se
  • Visit our office and file the termination notice on the spot.

Key return

The keys to the apartment should be returned no later than 11:30 on the business day after your contract has expired. If your contract expires at the end of July/August the keys should then be returned by August 1st at 11.30