Check list

When moving out there are many things that are important to remember. To help you on your way, we have put together some tips below that may be helpful.


Once you have terminated your contract you will receive a letter with moving information. If you have a KBAB unit you need to contact your inspection caretaker and make an appointment for an inspection. If you stayed in a unit from other property owners, you will receive a letter with an assigned time. It is a good idea for you to be present at the inspection. If the designated time is not right for you, it is advisable for you to rebook.

The inspector will be looking for damage or wear that is beyond normal. If you choose to repair the damage and wear yourself, the work must be professionally done. You do not need to have moved or done final cleaning prior to the inspection.

Who inspects the apartment?

If you live in a KBAB unit one of your caretakers will conduct the inspection.  If you live in a house with other property owners the inspection is conducted by Värmland Property Services, tel. +46 (0)54-14 40 70 (Mon-Fri. 7-16), 

Restore apartment fixtures

If you have removed things that belong to the apartment, such as an interior door or a hat rack, it is important that you put them back before you move.

Viewing apartment

When you have terminated your apartment agreement, we may ask you to show it to others that are interested in moving into the unit. If you should be out of town or are otherwise unable to be present, you will need to designate someone else to show the apartment.

Autogiro (Direct debit) and address change

If you pay rent by autogiro (direct debit) then terminate payment so that you will avoid unnecessary payments. When you move, it is important that you change your address. This allows you to get your mail to the correct address, and also updates the national register. The easiest way is to change address is to visit . Remember to change the address in plenty of time before you move.

Telephone and Internet

Notify your telephone and Internet operators in good time prior to your move.

Home insurance

Also inform your insurance company of your move, so that home insurance will apply to the correct address.


If electricity is not included in your rent, you should notify your supplier that you are moving. Most suppliers would like 30 days notice before move out day. If you forget to notify them before your move, you risk having to pay for electricity after moving.

Final cleaning

It is important that you thoroughly clean the apartment before you move so that the next occupant that moves in feels comfortable and is able to move in without problems. If you have not cleaned the apartment before you move, you run the risk of being financially liable.  In the menu on the left, under Moving Cleanup, you will find a checklist so you can easily see what needs to be cleaned before moving out.


All keys must be submitted to KBAB upon moving. There are keys for apartment, laundry room and other spaces such as garage or storage area. If you have made any copies of keys, these should also be submitted. Information regarding where to leave your keys can be found in your termination papers.

Leave the apartment on time

When your lease period expires, for example at the end of March, you should vacate the premises by 11.30 the next day, i.e. April 1st. The premises will be available to the next occupant after that time. If move out date falls on a weekend or holiday, such as a Sunday or Christmas Eve, the next working day counts as the move out day.