Terms of tenancy

Duration of contract

1. I rent the room for one semester. If I wish to cancel my contract I have a cancellation time of three complete months from the end of the current month.

2. I am responsible for the rent for the entire contract period regardless of my departure date.

3. I am aware that I cannot rent the student room longer than one semester. KBAB Student cannot help with accomodation after this period.

Moving out

4. I understand that before I move out, I must do all of the following:

  • Return all keys to the caretaker’s office on the day of my departure.
  • Clean my entire room and my part of the common areas (kitchen and corridors) properly.
  • All of my rent must be paid in full in accordance with my contract.
  • The condition of the room and thereto belonging furnishings must be the same as when I moved in.

5. I understand that failure to complete any of the tasks lined out in paragraph 5 will result in charges for which I am responsible.

Conditions of occupancy

6. I am aware that all rooms are single occupancy. It is only permissible for one person to live there. I understand that visitors are welcome to stay in my room only for a short period of time. Pets are not allowed.

7. I understand that I am not allowed to rent the room to a third party during my contract period. All transfers of contracts must be approved and executed by KBAB.

8. I am obligated to observe the rules within the buildning and corridor, which are set up to preserve the good conditions where I live.

9. I am aware that in the case of unacceptable behaviour on my behalf, such as breaking this contract or disturbing my neighbours, I might have to move out of my room and I will not be offered a new one.

Rent payment

10. I am obliged to pay the rental fee before the due date. If I fail to pay the rent, KBAB has the right to terminate the housing contract.

11. I understand that if KBAB changes the rental fees during my stay, my rental cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Condition of the room

12. I am fully responsible for the student room that I rent. I will report any damages that occur during my stay. Should anything need to be repaired I am obligated to inform KBAB as soon as possible. Should I neglect this duty, I will also be held responsible for further repair costs that result from the damage not being reported.

13. I will report and pay repair costs for damage caused by carelessness by any other person or myself.

14. I give the right to KBAB to carry out any maintenance work of the building as well as the room during my stay.