The following information is for exchange students with accomodation on Campus Futurum. Contact information for other areas can be found in Swedish here.


If you have lost your keys and the matter is urgent, please contact KBAB by calling 054-540 75 75. In non-urgent cases of lost keys, or other questions regarding keys, please contact your caretaker team at Campus.

Problem reporting

If you need to report a problem, you should contact your caretaker team at Campus


If you feel that your neighbour is a source of disturbance, we recommend that you first discuss the matter with him or her. A polite conversation is usually enough to solve most problems. If you still need to report a disturbance and it occurs during the day, call KBAB’s caretaker team at Campus, you can find contact details here. For disturbance reports during evenings and weekends, call KBAB’s emergency number at 054-540 75 75. The one who is the source of disturbance is usually charged. You who call are never charged.

Are tv, phone and internet included?

A basic set of TV channels is included in the rent, but you have to get your own TV. Internet is also included in the rent. Phone connection is not included. Most phone companies won’t offer their services unless you have a Swedish civic number.

Is it possible to change to another room?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change room.

Pay rent from abroad

Here's the IBAN and BIC information you need to pay from abroad:

IBAN: (International bank account number): SE3095000099604218609982
BIC (Bank identifier code: NDEASESS
BANK: Nordea