Housing for exchange students

Accommodations offered to students on Campus are furnished rooms along a corridor. As a dorm resident, you will have a single room with toilet and shower facilities. Each floor features shared kitchen and living areas where you and your fellow dorm resident friends can gather to socialize. A shared laundry room is also available in each building.

Room types

We have three different room sizes at Campus:

Please note that rent for your whole stay has to be paid before you can get your keys.

Read about how the rooms are distributed on the how to apply page.

Included in the rent

The rent includes heating, electricity and running water. All accommodations also have a basic selection of tv channels and a 100/10 Mbit broadband connection included in the rent (only through cable, not WiFi). The internet cable or Telephone is not included.

Not included in the rent

Items such as plates, cutlery, glassware, pots/pans and chopping board are not included in the accommodation so it is advisable that you bring your own. The same goes for textiles. 

Pets not allowed

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring any pet to your accomodation.


You can visit Google Maps if you want to see a bigger, zoomable map.