Contract and keys

In order to get the keys to your room you first have to sign your contract. You do this when you arrive in Karlstad.

When you arrive in Karlstad you have to visit the caretakers' office at Campus and there you will get to sign your contract and then get your keys. 

The first day to sign your contract and get your keys is Januari the 13th 2022. If you have a contract from February 1st, the only day to get your keys is February 1st.

On workdays between January 13th and January 20th the office is open between 10am-12am, 1pm-3pm so you can collect your keys. If you want to collect the keys after January 20th you need to book an appointment. Here you can find the address and contact information to the caretaker's office. 

The caretakers´ office at Campus has the address Duettgatan 6  SE-651 21  karlstad.

You must also have paid your rent to get your keys, you find more information on how to pay your rent here.